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We understand your health is your number one priority.
Trust us; it's ours, too.

Whether you need a simple diagnostic test or comprehensive emergency care, the experienced healthcare professionals at Cozad Community Health System are passionate about helping you get and stay well.

Since 1903, we've held a steadfast commitment to providing the region's highest-quality healthcare. Today, our team can answer your family's healthcare and wellness needs through a range of hospital, clinical and physical therapy services. We perform tests. We take X-rays. Give shots. Deliver babies. Talk about your diet and exercise. Consult on surgical procedures. And we do so much more, all backed by expertise, compassion, and a commitment to treat you like family.

Mission Statement: Cozad Community Health System will provide quality healthcare services to all persons in our area in a financially responsible manner; to promote medical education and wellness consistent with the Hospital’s resources and the needs of the community; and to carry on all other healthcare activities deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors and as permitted by Nebraska State Law.


Medicare Advantage is no advantage for rural Nebraska

For the very first time, Medicare Advantage (MA) plans covered the majority (51%) of all Medicare eligible individuals. This figure is up sharply from five years ago when just over onethird of seniors chose Advantage plans. Due to the lure of lower out of pocket costs and aggressive sales tactics, even more enrollees are expected to forgo their benefits of traditional Medicare and enroll in MA plans in 2024. While some enrollees are likely to see savings, many living in our rural Nebraska communities will be left with plans that erode our state’s rural health care infrastructure, decrease access to vital services, and, ultimately, negatively impact our seniors’ pocketbooks.

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Cozad Community Hospital Visitors Policy

We have updated our visitor policies at Cozad Community Health System reflecting current risk levels and recommendations from our local health district Two Rivers Public Health. At CCHS we continue to stay vigilant to local and national health recommendations during this pandemic.

Healthy visitors will be allowed to visit or accompany patients in our facilities and clinics while following current CDC-directed guidelines for healthcare centers. These expectations are intended for all visitors and outpatients, regardless of vaccine status.

  • All visitors will be asked to wear a face mask, which covers the mouth and nose, while in the facility. This includes patient's rooms. If you do not have a face mask, one will be provided to you.
  • Visitors must pass screening, including a temperature check, upon arrival to the facility.
  • We ask that visitors be limited to no more than three (3) individuals for each patient and movement within the faciliity should be limited to traveling to and from the patient room. Please do not congregate in hallways or public areas.
  • The Cozad Hospital Caferteria remains limited to staff and outpatients only.
  • Visitors will not be permitted to rooms of COVID-19 positive patients. Speial considerations may be made for end-of-life situations.

The health and safety of our patients is our top priority at Cozad Community Health System. We appreciate how important the support of loved ones and friends is to a patient visit or stay. Thank you for your understanding and for adhering to these policies to keep our patients, family, and staff healthy and safe during this time.



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  • “I think we have an outstanding hospital, nurses, and doctors for a town our size! Feel at ease with the facilities that we have.” - Anonymous -
  • “I appreciate the manner in which I was addressed; respectfully, friendly, and informative.” - Anonymous -
  • “The staff was very professional and the service was faster than expected. I wish the hospital where I live was as good.” - Anonymous -
  • “They took care of my family so well.” - Anonymous -
  • “I’m very fortunate to live in a small town and have a wonderful hospital, doctors, and nurses.” - Anonymous -
  • “I appreciate all the help and kindness from the nurse and doctor.” - Anonymous -
  • “I was really miserable when I got to the ER, and it was so reassuring to know that the staff was there for me with compassionate care no matter how busy they became.” - Anonymous -
  • “Efficient care – Staff all work together to make you feel cared for.” - Anonymous -
  • “This was one of the best small hospitals I have ever been a patient at.” - Anonymous -
  • “I felt everyone from admissions, lab, nurses, surgery, doctors, and anesthesia were amazing.” - Anonymous -
  • “The staff including doctors, nurses, and cafeteria made me feels very at home and took great care of me. This was by far the best hospital stay to date!” - Anonymous -
  • “I think we are very blessed to have the Cozad Hospital for our care when we need it. They have always had great nurses and doctors there, thank you for the care I received.” - Anonymous -